This is how we roll…

Whether we are photographing your wedding or your new little one, we’re capturing an important part of your story ­- which, to us, is SO awesome. So, let’s be friends!

While we take our work very seriously, and keep the day’s schedule moving along {especially on a wedding day -­ Shannon is a bit of a time stickler}, we also keep the mood light. A relaxed, laid­back atmosphere allows us to deliver a solid product­ and have a good time in the process…

You want to work with us ­- We are fun people.


HEadshotWebsite2Shannon Wucherer


Mainly a photographer, but also a business owner. When I don’t have a camera attached to my face, I’m hanging out with my little ginger babies ­ Grayson (8 when did THAT happen?!) and my punky little Lila (6). I also occasionally go on dates (or at least watch Netflix) with this dude I married 10 years ago. His name is Nic and as far as husbands go, he is the cat’s pajamas.

People who know me know that I am a freak for birthdays. My children have had awesome birthday parties every year of their lives. The parties are what could be considered over-the-top and bring me to the brink of insanity every year, but I’m an avid believer that everyone deserves one day a year that is all about them. Psycho birthday mom. Don’t care.

Halloween is my jam. I’ve always loved dressing up. And naturally, since having children – we do family themed costumes. This will most certainly continue until my kids are too embarrassed to be seen with us, or we run out of ideas.


A few of my other favorite activities include Crossfit WODs, family trips to Door County, drinks on the deck, planning our next Disney experience, home remodeling projects, impromptu get ­togethers with the girls, singing loudly in the car, online shopping and the occasional game of cranium.

Life Is Good.


JHHEadshotWebsiteJennifer Hardin

Shannon’s wedding day right-hand lady. If you’re getting married you’ll get to see me once in a while.

When I’m not in photo­mode, you can find me being a marketing professional and {most importantly} being a mommy to my little sweet pea, Ella. She’s 8 now and keeps me on my toes, to say the least. Together we enjoy singing and dancing along to the Hamilton soundtrack, Girl Scout outings and snuggling.

In my other free time, I enjoy a great book and outdoorsy activities such as patio drinking. Combine the two of those together, and there you have my perfect afternoon.